MI ARTIC was bred, born, raced, and dumped for slaughter in Oklahoma. Right up until she was abandoned in the Kill Pen she had been used a racetrack "Pony Horse".  Thanks to the generosity of Cheryl Dewland, and an awesome Team of  boots-on-the-ground rescuers in Oklahoma, this fine Thoroughbred mare was saved from suffering a violent death in a Mexican slaughterhouse.  At 16, she now lives at her forever home with Sherry Sons  in Missouri.


COMETTE DE FLEUR is an elegant 21-year-old New York Bred who was raced, amished, and tossed for slaughter. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our dear friend Sue Bishop, "FLEUR" was redeemed from the Kill Pen on November 28, 2017. Today, she frolics far from harm in a meadow with her BB. Fleur & BB were adopted together in 2020. They live together as cherished companions.   


At Unbridled, we have a rich history of saving Thoroughbreds thoughtfully donated by breeders, owners, and trainers, as well as being a lifeline for those discarded into the slaughter pipeline. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary and transition from Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation to Unbridled Sanctuary, we reaffirm our commitment to being a source of certainty for all equines in need.

The horses, donkeys, and mules we rescue often suffer from emotional, mental, and physical wounds. At Unbridled Sanctuary, we honor the timetable set by each equine for their recovery. With respect, time, and space, most will regain their health and dignity. When ready, our residents are placed in foster care, loving homes, or remain in Sanctuary at Unbridled.

Every year, we dedicate ourselves to protecting, rescuing, retraining, rehoming, and saving equines from the horrors of slaughter.

Our new identity reflects our unwavering mission to provide a safe haven and a brighter future for all equines, regardless of breed.

As we look ahead to the next 20 years and beyond, we remain steadfast in our commitment to be a haven, a home, a safety net,

and a voice for every equine we have the privilege to serve.

ICWHATYOURLOOKINAT raced 72 times, earned over $42,000. As a 'second career' she became a "Polo Pony". After doing all that was asked of her with mallets and balls afoot she was chukked for slaughter. We redeemed her precious life on November 21, 2017. "IC" was adopted out for four years as a pleasure riding horse. When her adopter headed off to college IC returned to Unbridled.


  • 5400 - DNA testing Thoroughbred Mare Aged
  • 5401 - DNA testing Thoroughbred Mare Aged
  • 6027 - DNA testing Thoroughbred Mare 17YO
  • 1568 - SMOOZZLER TB/QH Gelding Aged
  • 1661 - Sweetie Thoroughbred Mare 2016
  • 1817 - GIRL Thoroughbred Mare 2015
  • 3351 (no tattoo) JOY Thoroughbred Mare Aged
  • 2018 Windy Vale Filly Thoroughbred Mare 2018 NY
  • APPOMATTOX Thoroughbred Mare 05/03/2002 KY
  • BAAL PERAZIM Thoroughbred Mare 03/25/2009 NY
  • BALLET GALA Thoroughbred Filly 04/21/2018 NY
  • BANK SHOT aka BEAUTY Thoroughbred Mare 01/04/1998 FL
  • CATGOTYOURTONGUE Thoroughbred Gelding 04/22/2016 SC
  • CELESTE Hanoverian Mare 2001
  • CENSORED Thoroughbred Mare 04/03/1995 CA
  • CHARI ME ON Thoroughbred Mare 04/19/2001
  • COMETTE DE FLEUR Thoroughbred Mare 3/22/1997 NY
  • CUPOLA Thoroughbred Mare 2013 KY
  • DESENFRENADO Thoroughbred Gelding 02/15/2007 NY
  • Desert Motel Thoroughbred Gelding 02/15/2011 NY
  • DIAMONDS N STONES Thoroughbred Mare 03/15/2014 NY
  • DRENCHING RAIN Thoroughbred Mare 05/22/2004 PA
  • ELLE TEMPO Thoroughbred Mare 02/03/2006 FL
  • FOO PEGGY Thoroughbred Mare 04/09/2005 KY
  • FUDGE RIPPLE Thoroughbred Mare 4/29/1998 OK
  • FULLTIME BROWNIE Thoroughbred Mare 01/23/2009 MD
  • GENERATION OF LOVE Thoroughbred Mare 03/31/2008 KY
  • GET GOIN' BB Thoroughbred Gelding 05/02/2002 NY
  • GRAND FASHION Thoroughbred Mare 03/15/1996 KY
  • I'M LUCKY Thoroughbred Mare 03/04/2002 FL
  • ICWHATYOURLOOKINAT Thoroughbred Mare 03/23/20036 KY
  • IJADA Thoroughbred Mare 04/06/1999 KY
  • INDY'S LUCKY PRIZE Thoroughbred Mare 05/04/2003 IA
  • JACK COOL (IRE) Thoroughbred Gelding 03/14/2006 IRE
  • JUEL DELITE (CAN) Thoroughbred Mare 04/15/2010 MB CAN
  • LIAM LET'S GO Thoroughbred Gelding 03/03/2016 FL
  • LOVEY Arabian Mare 2003
  • LUCKY LEAH Thoroughbred Mare 01/30/2006 BC CAN
  • MI ARTIC Thoroughbred Mare 02/09/2002 OK
  • MISS MINSTRELL Thoroughbred Mare 03/30/1997 KY
  • MISS RUUD Thoroughbred Mare 03/03/2009 KY
  • ONCE FROM HEAVEN Thoroughbred Mare 4/7/1997 KY
  • PAY PAL Thoroughbred Gelding 2016
  • PERMANENT WAVE Thoroughbred Mare 02/28/2009 KY
  • PLEASANT PASTURES Thoroughbred Mare 05/17/1999 PA
  • POSSESSION Thoroughbred Mare 03/17/2001 KY
  • PROUD ROAD Thoroughbred Mare 04/03/1989 FL
  • QUEEN OF THE BAYOU Thoroughbred Mare 03/12/2008 LA
  • RIVER BARROW Thoroughbred Mare 04/29/2004 ON CAN
  • ROMANTIC WINK Thoroughbred Mare 04/26/2012 PA
  • SEARED Thoroughbred Mare 05/09/2006 KY
  • SECRET FOREST Thoroughbred Mare 04/20/2001 KY
  • SINGASONG Thoroughbred Mare 02/04/2003 FL
  • SKYE SERENADE Thoroughbred Mare 05/17/2014 NY
  • SMOKINGTO WIN Thoroughbred Mare 05/10/2014 NY
  • SPENDID BRIDE Thoroughbred Mare 02/08/1998 LA
  • STALWART MEMBER Thoroughbred Gelding 02/12/1993 NY
  • STEVE'S ADVENTURES Thoroughbred Gelding 04/22/2009 KY
  • SUMMLIKEALADY Thoroughbred Mare 04/24/2012 FL
  • THE TEXAS SEVEN (7 TBs) Thoroughbred Mixed several multiple
  • THISGIRLSGONEWILD Thoroughbred Mare 02/22/2009 FL
  • Time For Angie Thoroughbred Mare 05/14/2011 CA
  • TINY MAGOO Thoroughbred Filly 04/12/2017 NY
  • Touching My Toes Thoroughbred Mare 03/13/2011 NY
  • TOWN ON FIRE Thoroughbred Mare 01/04/2003 FL
  • TRAVELING Thoroughbred Gelding 02/11/2016 KY
  • TRUE CONVICTION Thoroughbred Gelding 03/06/2015 KY
  • VAI VIA Thoroughbred Gelding 05/07/1998 VA
  • WILD WILD GIRL Thoroughbred Mare 02/12/2010 NY
  • ZENO BAY Thoroughbred Gelding 02/21/1998 MD
  • ZOOM ZOOM ZELDA Thoroughbred Mare 03/26/2003 NY