Unbridled is is a refuge for 60 precious equine souls, mostly Thoroughbreds, each with their own story. These magnificent creatures have been rescued from the worst circumstances. In our care, they have found solace and companionship. Their journeys of survival and their capacity for forgiveness illuminate the enduring and beautiful spirit of horses.

We see each of our horses as unique individuals, celebrating their distinct personalities, needs, and preferences. Our approach is tailored to honor what makes each horse special, ensuring their lives with us are filled with joy and fulfillment. Whether they're finding a forever home through adoption, enjoying a peaceful retirement, or receiving compassionate care in their final moments, we're committed to respecting their dignity and autonomy every step of the way. This commitment is the heart of everything we do at Unbridled. Come explore their stories and see how you can be part of their journey towards a brighter future.