In 2002, Susan set out to share the joy of horses with new audiences across America when she created the first ever Equine Lifestyle Series for Broadcast TV. In every episode of Unbridled TV, Susan offered viewers an all-access pass for equine enthusiasts to learn from the world's most accomplished and fascinating horse people. In Season One,  the US Equestrian Federation honored UNBRIDLED  with its coveted Broadcast Media Excellence Award at the Pegasus Awards in Los Angeles. 

In each episode, guests shared their own deeply personal stories with horses. Viewers learned first-hand the rewards of a life well-spent with horses. From horse-crazy kids, to active industry participants, to those who are simply enamored by the beauty of the horse, the relationships that create and drive the multi-billion dollar equine industry are compelling to watch from any degree of connection. 

Unbridled resonated with those already deeply committed to the equine world and provided a platform to celebrate their achievements. For the viewer with a secret passion for the horse, Unbridled offered a world of discovery, and call to be involved. In 2013, Unbridled TV celebrated its tenth season.  In 2019, after a five-year hiatus from the air,  the series is scheduled to return to TV with a whole new dimension of unbridled goodness! 

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Susan Kayne



Returning in 2019 !!!