At Unbridled, we're not just a sanctuary; we're a sanctuary with a voice. Founded in 2004 by Susan Kayne, our 501(c)3 nonprofit has become a fortress of love, protection, and refuge for over 60 rescued horses, donkeys, and mules. These magnificent equine, mostly Thoroughbreds, are saved from the clutches of cruelty and slaughter. They serve as living tributes to the enduring resilience and unparalleled beauty of the equine spirit.

The stories of these remarkable survivors echo the untold tales of tens of thousands of innocent equine brutally lost in slaughterhouses. Together, with a coalition of dedicated partners, Susan and the Unbridled team tirelessly advocate to end horse slaughter once and for all. While the annual Agriculture Appropriations bill has prevented slaughter plants from operating within the U.S., the fight won't be over until the SAFE Act becomes law. 

When you visit Unbridled, you'll experience more than just the sight of horses grazing in tranquility. You'll gain an intimate look into the singular personalities, rich emotions, and keen intelligence that define each of our equine residents. Here, we honor and celebrate their 'who-ness.' It's this deep-rooted ethos that fuels every aspect of our mission, illuminating the true essence of each horse and inspiring a greater respect for their innate agency, autonomy, and sentience.

Welcome to Unbridled, where every horse has a name, a story, and a voice.