UNBRIDLED  is a safe haven to 50+ rescued horses saved from cruelty and slaughter. Unbridled is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity founded by Susan Kayne in 2004. Hundreds of Thoroughbreds have found love, protection, and safety through Unbridled. 

Their stories of survival and forgiveness are a testament to the immutable beauty of the equine spirit.

​The Thoroughbreds in Sanctuary at Unbridled give voice to tens of thousands of Thoroughbreds violently killed in slaughter plants. ​Susan and the Team at Unbridled work tirelessly beside colleagues across the USA to t BAN HORSE SLAUGHTER. Annually, Congress blocks horse slaughter plants from operating in the US through the Agriculture Appropriations bill. But until the SAFE Act is passed America's horses will continue to be butchered at will.   

The Horses of Unbridled offer visitors a glimpse into the distinctive personality, mind, and emotional capacity unique to each horse. Honoring the "who-ness" of horses, and inspiring recognition for the agency, autonomy, intelligence, and sentience is our true passion and the ethos that guides all of our work.