When we discovered FUDGE RIPPLE, she was trapped on a feedlot in North Carolina. She was starving, stripped of her dignity, and sorted for slaughter. Aged and emaciated, blindness clouded her right eye, and a recent nose fracture disfigured her beautiful face. Blood from a fresh wound rolled down her cheek like teardrops.

With all that she had suffered, a glint of hope gleaned from her sound eye as she searched for someone to see her. We knew that we had to find a way to save her.

Within hours of shipping to Mexico to be violently killed, on August 9, 2020, our loving community rallied the funds to save Fudge Ripple.

Ripple is a granddaughter of the Triple Crown Winner AFFIRMED. Her lineage is among of the finest of the Thoroughbreds. When Ripple arrived at Unbridled, her condition was so poor that we didn't know if she had enough strength left to survive.

Today, she is flourishing. She has gained about 200-lbs, her coat is shiny, her wounds are healed, and she goes about her days with a renewed sense of dignity and grace. 

Every day we give thanks that Ripple walks among us.


At 26 years of age, CENSORED is the equivalent of

a 78-year-old human. 

In her youth she was celebrated and coddled. She won stakes races and earned $329,518. Her racing owner, Mike Pegram retired her to the breeding shed. She was mated with his Kentucky Derby winner Real Quiet and sold through Keeneland for $210,000 in 2000. Censored produced several foals, the last in 2010.  When we discovered CENSORED, she was starving, bruised, and battered in clutches of a depraved horse meat broker.

When CENSORED needed a lifeline out of the notorious Thompson Feedlot in Louisiana, our loving community leapt into action. Within hours the funds needed to save her life came forth; including a contribution from  her trainer of over two decades ago, Bob Baffert.


CENSORED flourished as best she could in the loving care and kindness of Unbridled. In July of 2021, she was humanely and peacefully laid to rest due to the infirmities of old age. She lives on in the hearts of the many humans she touched in her at Unbridled.



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Unbridled is a safe haven for Thoroughbreds to live out their natural lifespan with dignity, love, and respect.

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CUPOLA is a royally-pedigreed third generation home-bred of the late Prince Khalid Abdullah, the founder and owner of the iconic Juddmonte Farm.

When ​CUPOLA, age seven,  did not become pregnant for the third consecutive year when mated with Charming Kitten (for her third owner Dawn Martin who is also the named breeder of her 2020 filly by Wicked Strong), she showed up amid a sea of unwanted horses at the New Holland Auction. 

Within weeks, CUPOLA and three other papered, Martin-owned mares landed at Rotz Livestock. They were all tagged and sorted for slaughter. 

Unbridled purchased Cupola from Rotz and saved her life.

Cupola shipped to Unbridled on January 7, 2021.  At Unbridled, Cupola will be given the time and support that she needs to reclaim her health, dignity, and grace.  

​In November of 2021, CUPOLA was adopted into a loving home with her BFF BABY and pasture pal LADY.



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In 2021, Unbridled won the people's choice national Top Rescue/Sanctuary Award presented by the Equis Save Foundation. 

Each year, an alarming 7,500 to 18,000 Thoroughbreds meet a tragic end in slaughter plants.

Right now, the plight of mares caught in this vicious cycle is escalating at an unprecedented rate.

Rescues like Censored, Cupola, and Fudge Ripple are just a few faces among many in need of immediate intervention and lifelong care.​​