Comette De Fleur (NY-Bred) is the matriarch of our Herd. She is BB's BFF and the sassiest of all when field frolic ensues. At 22, FLEUR carries the wisdom of her years with the grace and agility of a 4-year-old.

When we redeemed Fleur from the Kill Pen in late-November of 2017, she was one of many NY-Breds standing on the edge of death. Winter would soon be at hand, and she was among the throwaways. 

FLEUR was born at the farm next door to our Sanctuary. Her past connections have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in NY Breeders Awards. Yet, when asked for a small contribution towards Fleur's protected future they hadn't a dime to spare. 

Juel Delite (Resident NY-Mare) 

Get Goin' BB (NY-Bred) is the gentle leader of our Unbridled Sanctuary Herd.  He is the only Boy-horse in residence.

BB was rescued from the Kill Pen in June of 2018. The map of scars across his body told a tale of exploitation. Exploratory surgeries? Pharmacological experimentation?  

His suffering was compounded when he was dumped in a Kill Pen for what little meat clung to his ravaged frame.

With careful attention to his physical rehabilitation and much consideration for his mental wellness, BB has rebounded. He is thriving. He is living embodiment of forgiveness and love.

UPDATING ... Unbridled is home to 18 Thoroughbreds rescued and redeemed from slaughter.