Every Horse Is A Blessing.

Every Horse Needs A Hero. 

Susan Kayne


1) UTF contacts breeders, and former connections of slaughter-bound thoroughbreds in kill pens. With their assistance, we secure funding and safe homes.

2) Through our educational media, we create awareness of the hidden holocaust of ALL breeds; 170,000 horses who are forced to die each year. 

WHY:  Because we believe it is wrong to purposefully-breed, name, claim to love, train, use, and teach horses to trust ... and then lead them off to a barbaric dismemberment to die as if they never existed.

WHAT HAPPENS: Each week, 1000s of trusting horses horses who once knew love, sell for meat. Priced by the pound, their contributions matter none. In the hands of kill buyers, they are flogged onto overcrowded slaughter trucks for their last ride -- a 36-hour plus hell ride into Canada or Mexico. No food, no water. Amid scrambling hooves, they beg for breath. 

At the slaughter plant, when the trailer door opens, downed horses and those who died in transit, are crushed and trampled again as those still afoot clamor to exit. Bruised, wounded, and confused, survivors look for the people and pastures they once knew. Whinnies cry out in search of stable-mates. Unfamiliar neighs echo terror. The scent of blood rushes their lungs, and they are chastened by strangers into a ‘feedlot’.

Within hours or days, each (racehorse, school horse, backyard horse, show horse, amish horse ...) will be hustled onto a scale. Priced for meat and herded into an inescapable death chamber; stabbed along the spinal cord until paralysed, or skull crushed by a captive bolt. Sworn testimony has revealed that many remain conscious while being dismembered.

Despite delivering the dreams of a lifetime to the people who once treasured their presence, and despite winning races and ribbons, teaching kids to ride, and partnering at will to create memories of lifetime, horses, mules, donkeys, and ponies are just one bad sale away from slaughter. These are not abused, sick, or neglected horses. Many, in fact, have yet to reach even a quarter of their natural lifespan.

UTF’s own home state’s Northway (87N), is a main thoroughfare to Canadian slaughter plants. This ease access and quick means of disposal places New York’s 157,000+ horse population at especially high risk.

While UTF advocates for the protection of all equine beings.  Our expertise, and hands-on experience spans decades in thoroughbred breeding, racing, and retraining. When we identify a thoroughbred in a kill pen, we reach out to the breeder, and former connections. Most have no idea their once prized racehorse, or broodmare is facing slaughter. A small percentage step up to save their horse(s). Sadly, the majority of breeders, and former connections we speak with, simply don’t care. There mantra is: ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ This is where your donations make the difference between life and death.

As former breeders’ and owners’ ourselves, it is our moral imperative to ensure the safe future of each horse we chose to bring into this world, and this is why we do all that we can to help horses who are without responsible breeders and owners. These horses did not ask to born, and yet from the moment of birth they have freely given of their magic – and they certainly deserve so much more than a tragic, terrible end in a slaughter plant.

It is our mission, through every outreach and interaction, to share this untold story and to empower the public with the tools, and resources to help end America's Holocaust of Horses.

Please consider a donation.
Horses need your compassion now, more than ever before.  

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