On January 17, 2023, we lost our beloved friend  Andrea Basile.

Andrea was the kindest, most selfless, and supportive person. Her generosity touched every horse and human at Unbridled. She radiated unconditional love, and inspired us with her unrelenting determination. Her gentle hands and respectful approach transformed the lives our most traumatized horses into trusting companions. Her giving spirit opened the soul of every heart she touched to a deeper understanding of the goodness in this world. 

With warmth, dignity, and grace, Andrea championed for Unbridled. She embodied our ethos of love in action. In deed, heart, soul, and word she advanced the lifesaving mission of Unbridled. She graciously served as a confidant, vice-president, and treasured member of the Board of Directors. Her intuition and wisdom guided us through challenges that seemed insurmountable. Andrea always had our back. Her counsel, fierce loyalty, and unwavering faith were among her many super powers that moved mountains. ​No earthly soul gave greater of energy, goodwill, and time than Andrea. 

On Sunday, August 27, 2023, we will host a celebration of life amid the horses Andrea loved and nurtured to wholeness.

It will be held at Unbridled Sanctuary in Greenville, New York 12083. 

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Andrea’s services:  A memorial service will be held in New York City and a burial of Cremains at a later time. Possibly April. 

Leon M. Pavone, Andrea's dear friend of many decades and fellow Funeral Director is handling Andrea’s arrangements. When a date is set, we will post location and time.

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​A memorial donation in honor of the beautiful life of Andrea Basile is a gift that will protect and sustain the horses' that Andrea helped to save,

heal, and support in Sanctuary at Unbridled. To dedicate a donation by credit card fill in the form below. 

Click here to contribute by PayPal  or to donate by mail, send: to PO Box 122, Greenville, NY 12083

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August 29, 1940 - January 17, 2023